Rose Water Toner 250 ml 8.5 fl oz
  • Rose Water Toner 250 ml 8.5 fl oz
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Product Details
An alcohol-free, soothing toner proven to significantly moisturize the skin for 24 hours.
Lauded by the earliest healers for its curative and beautifying attributes, Bulgarian Rose is considered the most valuable essence of all, requiring more than 7,000 petals to produce a single drop. Exquisite and pure, the rejuvenating effects of Bulgarian Rose Water strengthen and tone the delicate tissues of the skin, balancing and restoring vital chi (energy), leaving the complexion supple and revitalized.

How to use: 
Gently apply with a cotton pad over the face and neck twice a day in the morning and evening, until cotton pad comes away clean. Or simply spray directly onto the face with your eyes closed throughout the day to re-hydrate the skin.